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Last Updated: June 25, 2004

Thank you for clicking the Paypal Donation button. I'm very honored and not just a tiny bit happy that you have decided to help me stay afloat. I would like to take a moment to specify a couple of points, just to keep the air clear.

First, as of yet, there is nothing on my site that requires payment. Everything is offered free of charge. This is especially important regarding the fanfics and the Everquest Storywindow Mods. It is not required to pay to read or to download and use these facets on my site. They are offered as-is free to the public. And especially in regards to the mods, you are not paying for the use of the data, nor even the formatting.

But this website incurs costs as it runs, and it is more and more apparent that a little assistance in keeping it afloat would do me nothing wrong at all. The first order of business for the proceeds from these donations will be to pay for the hosting of my site (which is done by Caravan Multimedia). After that, should there be an after-that... we'll see then.

Everything clear? You're not paying for what's here, you're helping me keep my boat afloat. For which I am very honored and thankful.

And so...
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