Learn HTML, Three Tags A Day!

      Ever wanted to have your own webpage? Thanks to free places like GeoCities , anyone can sign up for space. And also thanks to things like Yahoo's Page Builder, anyone can build a website. But that doesn't mean they will look nice, and spiffy, and clean, and all those good adjectives. You've seen 'em. Pages that make you want to go back. And then there are pages that make you want to leave now. As in, not later. This tutorial will do two things: teach you HTML from the ground up -- that's right, no more entrusting your precious pages to sloppy, bulky WYSIWYG editors that will mess up the code as often as they get it right -- and give you the tools to make clean, sharp, beautiful, snazzy pages.

      With just three tags a day, you can learn all the most common HTML tags used in the 4.01 release. This includes the basics -- text manipulation, links, and color --, tables, advances layouts, CSS, and a smattering of JavaScript. By the time you read everything in this course, you will be an advanced HTML programmer!

      Yes, there are a lot of lessons. But they're not hard. Anything that's worth doing takes some doing. If you are serious about learning, it will be easy. One page a day -- yeah, it does sound rather like a vitamin, doesn't it? -- and you will be quickly on your way to becoming an accomplished HTML programmer.

      Sound like fun? Step this way.

( HTML 3-A-Day utilizes CSS and inline frames. If your browser does not support this, this site will not function quite correctly. MSIE will open these links in the little box to the right of the links. NS will open the links in a new window, but you may have to force this; right click and chose the 'open in new window' command. )

This HTML Tutorial was created by Sanna for the edification of new HTML programmers. Please do not steal the text from this page and call it yours. Reproduction rights granted for educational purposes only! Be nice, y'all; you know right from wrong. August 10, 2002. Sanna@SannaSK.com
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