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"IrgendAnders." SomeElse. Something else. Something new. Somewhere new. Someone new. Someone else. Somewhere else. Somewhen else. SomeElse. IrgendAnders.

Welcome. May you find what you look for. May what you look for be here.

This opening text hasn't changed in two years. Time for something new.

This is my site, and the more I keep it up (heh), the more and more it reflects the composition of me. IrgendAnders is a hodgepodge of what has been important to me over the course of the past two and a half years or so.

Over there in the 'FanFiction' section is the large ST:Voyager story that I started as a senior in high school. I will finish it, someday. 'HTML 3-A-Day' is my html code tutorial. In the 'Miscellaniousigheitlyness' section are links to all the things that are only one page long: my List O' Webcomics (including the one I write, Silicon Cherry); Guestbook link; Sluggy page; an explaination of the most addictive card game ever, Nertz; and more.

There's also a particularly addictive MMORPG called Everquest, for which I have made a Tradeskill Mod that is housed at the Tradeskill Mod Page. I will tag my standard disclaimer about this game here: this game is addictive. If you have a life, stay away.

What is the particular purpose of this site? To give me a place to place things online when I want them to be online. Like, an apartment. When I have a place to live, I'll keep all my stuff there. This is sort of like my apartment-online.

Faith Manages. May all that is Holy keep all the rest of us safe.

-- Sanna is and has been owned by Sanna the SK since July 2, 2001. Mice off. Blue-and-grey layout created June 2004. All my site designs come out of my own head, and I code by hand. If you use my code for learning purposes, please email me, I'd be honored.
This site looks really good on a PC with MSIE. On a Mac with Netscape, it looks like crap. I'm sorry. Get Mozilla anyway, and email them that they should support the bordercolor command for tables.

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