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The most addictive card game known to man.

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Yup, definately time for text change.

This is the "Other" section of the page. A sort of sub-menu. Things that are too small to warrent their own folder get placed here. Sometimes they grow big enough to get their own directory, but until then, this is somewhat of the Peanut Gallery.

Beyond that, not much to say.

I've cleaned a lot of this out, there's not a whole lot left. There's a standard guestbook link. In theory I have a newsletter, so I have archived the past issues. Also, a list of all the webcomics I read over the course of the week.

Nertz is the most addicting card game ever. You need unique decks per person (different card back designs), and it's fast and furious. Not for the weak or slow of mind.

A Quotes page that I update from time to time. Why? Memories, or advice, or just general what-have-you. And oh gosh, that Imood thing! Haven't thought about that in a while. ^_^

Yep, there was a lo~~~t of dust here. ^_^


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