Five women. Four men. Three secrets. Two answers.
One story.

Silicon Cherry, copyright 2002 and the Cherries.

Oct 6, 2002 - Read Silicon Cherry at Keenspace!

November 2007 - I try not to think about the fact that well over 5 years ago, I wanted to write a webcomic. Sometimes, I still do. But I no longer believe this is my path in life.

I sketched out a good 85% of the entire story of Silicon Cherry (which got a name change in the meantime as well), but attempting to write this now would be... not the best idea.

Life isn't what I was taught to believe it was at all. That lesson alone has cost me a great deal to learn. I'm not quite sure what my path in life /is/, but right now, unfortunately, it doesn't involve Silicon Cherry.

Good luck in any endeavor you undertake, and stay stafe.
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